We are a Year 2 class and our teacher is Miss Crow. Our classroom assistant is Mrs Simpson and our lunchtime supervisor is Mrs Evans.

We hope you are able to visit us regularly as we progress through our final year at St Ives Infant School.

We are keen to promote home reading. The links below will take you to some excellent websites..

This term's first topic will teach us all about our body and how it works. We will be asking lots of questions linked to our bones, internal organs, teeth, the circulatory system, our muscles and how our bodies change as we grow up.
For our homework project, we chose to research either internal organs, the skeleton or our teeth and then presented our fascinating facts to the rest of the class.
We will shortly be enjoying a day trip to the 'Jump 4' Trampoline Park in Redruth to discover more about the importance of exercise and how it keeps not only our bodies, but our minds healthy too - did you know that just like muscles, the brain grows the more you use it so the harder we work, the cleverer we will be...?!
Last term our school celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its opening day so we did lots of thinking about what school life may have been like back then.
On Friday 4th November, we dressed in traditional 1960s clothes and went on a parade around the town proudly waving the banners we had made, stopping off at various points along the way to sing Puff The Magic Dragon, Yellow Submarine and Morningtown Ride that we had been busy rehearsing to celebrate this special event.
It was lovely to see so many parents, shop keepers and holiday makers joining in with our celebration all along the route!

Miss Crow


Mrs Simpson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Evans

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant