Miss Crow


Mrs Simpson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Evans

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant


We are a Year 2 class and our teacher is Miss Crow. Our classroom assistant is Mrs Simpson and our lunchtime supervisor is Mrs Evans.

We hope you are able to visit us regularly as we progress through our final year at St Ives Infant School.

We are keen to promote home reading. The links below will take you to some excellent websites..

Our first topic this year will see us learning all about how the sea is important to living things.
We will be researching facts about marine and sea life, exploring maps and atlases of the world's oceans, learning sea shanties, making collages of the harbour and also model boats.
We will be paying a visit to our local Lifeboat Station when we will also carry out a survey of all the boats that are in the harbour before they are lifted to safety for the winter months.
A strong focus for us will be water safety as we are surrounded by the sea!
This term will also see us visiting the leisure centre right next door to school for a ten week term of swimming lessons.
Open classroom offers parents a weekly opportunity to come and have a look at your child's books.
There will be a different set of books each week and whilst this is not a time to discuss your child's progress with their teacher, separate appointments can be made should you have any concerns or questions. Cormorant Classroom will be open to parents between 3.05-3.20pm each Wednesday afternoon from 19th October.