We are a reception class and have recently started full-time school! We are taught by Miss Saunders from Monday-Wednesday and by Mrs Thomas on Thursday and Friday. Mrs Barnett is our Teaching Assistant and Mrs Simpson looks after us at lunchtime.
We will continue to update our page as the year unfolds; there will also be lots of photos added and we hope you can visit us often and watch our progress!
We have now settled into our new class really well and are enjoying our first few months in 'big school'...
We have also had two special visitors already! Oscar's Dad is a chef and came into school to teach us how to make and bake focaccia bread - it was delicious! Then Rosenwyn's Mum and Dad brought in one of their chickens so we had the opportunity to ask lots of questions - we are a bit too young to contemplate whether the chicken or the egg came first though..! 
In literacy we are focusing on our phonemes and familiarising ourselves with a variety of resources including numicon, bead strings and number fans to help us with our counting in numeracy.
We have also been learning all about outer space and even have our own rocket in class! We have also been thinking about how things grow (including us!) and what effect seasonal changes have on the process - especially ice which is very apt in this cold weather!
Keep visiting us regularly to find out what else we have been up to!

Miss Saunders

Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Thomas

Teacher (Thursday / Friday)

Mrs Julie Barnett

Teaching Assistant / QTS Supply Cover

Mrs Sam Smith

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

We have an open classroom at the end of each school day for Puffin parents/carers. Please feel free to come in and chat to us, change books with your child or have a look around - we are never too busy!