This term we are learning all about Animals; the foods they eat, their habitats and how they adapt to survive. on our phonics and spellings. In literacy, we will be focusing on the use of capital letters and full stops, retelling the tale of Augustus and his Smile in our own words and developing our comprehension skills through reading.
We paid an exciting visit to Feadon Farm at Gwel an Mor near Portreath - meeting Sky the barn owl and Todd the fox were just a couple of special animals we met on the day.
We have carried out class investigations to find out what seeds need in order to grow. We used beans to experiment and exposed them to varying degrees of light and water - it really surprised us that the bean which grew the tallest was the one that was left in the dark..!
In Maths, we will be using number lines, counters, coins, Numicon and lots of other resources to help us with our counting, number bonds and Maths Passports (see link opposite).
At home, we are busy creating our own food chains and linking them to our favourite animals ready to show to the rest of the class!

Mrs Sharma-Benjamin


Mrs Phillips

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Davies

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

This term we have merged our Open Classroom and Learning Together times.
The session will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 2.45 starting with a 20 minute focus on maths skills followed by the opportunity for parents/carers to browse through their children's workbooks.
Whilst this is not an appropriate time to discuss progress with the teacher, separate appointments can be made should you have any concerns or questions.
We are keen to promote home reading and have attached a couple of links we hope you will find useful...