Around The World Week

1st April 2019

Each class recently spent a week focussing on a different country and learning all about its customs and traditions before celebrating their new found facts with the rest of the school at a Special Assembly.
The Pipits (our nursery children) chose Kenya and learned how to say 'hello' in Swahili - Hujambo! Various African 'animals' were hidden in the nursery garden so the children could go on their own safari!
Our Reception Classes (Puffins and Choughs) really enjoyed 'visiting' India and showed off some dance moves and musical instruments which they made from junk modelling. One of the highlights of the week was making and eating an Indian rice pudding called kheer!
Heron Class chose Italy for their destination and made Venetian masks. They also learned to count to 10 and inspired each other with artwork painted lying down under the tables to recreate Michelangelo's work on the Sistene Chapel.
Kittiwakes travelled all the way to Brazil and impressed everyone with their retention of knowledge about the Amazon Rainforest during assembly...did you know that it can take a raindrop up to 10 minutes to reach the ground after leaving the canopy?!
Cormorants wanted to visit Mexico and paraded sombrero hats, piñatas, maracas and national flags during assembly. They also found out about 'Cinco de Mayo' - a very important annual celebration (on 5th May!) to commemorate the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire.
Last but not least, Sandpiper Class chose China. They wrote a non chronological report on China focussing on where it is, the climate and its native animals. They practiced writing numbers in Mandarin using paint and role played the story of Chinese New Year.
A few photos from the special assembly...