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Car Parking

To prevent congestion and accidents in the school car park the school, in conjunction with the Junior School, have a policy that parents are not permitted to park in the school car park at the start and end of the school day. The arrangements for these times are as follows...
Morning: The barriers in the car park are closed at 8.30am every day and remain closed until shortly after 9am.
Afternoon: The main front gate to the school site is closed from around 2.30pm and opened again at 3.30pm.
Nursery Access: Parents of nursery children are permitted to drive into the site and park to collect the morning children at 11.45am and bring afternoon children at 12.30pm as the numbers involved are small. However, please park below the top barrier to prevent vehicle movements at the front of the school.
Drop-Off Zone: There is a drop-off zone running along the front of the Junior School where cars can stop very briefly and junior children can get out. You are welcome to use this facility, but all infant children MUST be accompanied from this area to their classroom and an adult would therefore need to be dropped off with them. May we respectfully request that parents refrain from parking in this area. Thank you.