We have been enjoying settling into our new classes and getting to know each other through sharing Summer Diaries which we all kept during the holidays. We also painted self portraits and did drawings and writing about our families.
We have also been exploring the outdoor areas around 'big school'; making dens, riding on the scooters and bikes before the weather gets colder and learning about seasonal changes as Autumn has now arrived.
We are really enjoying learning traditional tales and nursery rhymes and have created story maps about our favourites - practising our learning sounds is really helping us with our story telling. Hopefully you will visit us again soon to see what else we have been getting up to...

Miss Singh


Mrs Champion-Merrill

Teaching Assistant. HLTA Supply Cover

Mrs Dunn

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

We are a reception year class and have just started full-time school. Miss Singh is our teacher, Mrs Champon-Merrill is our classroom assistant and Mrs Dunn looks after us at lunchtime.
We hope you enjoy scrolling through our page and that you will come back and visit us often!
We have an open classroom at the end of each school day for Chough parents/carers. Please feel free to come in and chat to us, change books with your child or have a look around - we are never too busy!