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  • Curriculum overview for Computing
  • Esafety policy
  • Section that also features on newsletter monthly: update on digital leaders and their role, tech/gaming update, short fact/reminder for parents re online safety/support


Stories about online safety

Below are some stories you may wish to share with your child about online safety. These have been shared and discussed with them also at school during Safer Internet Day:


Web support and advice

Below are some websites that offer parents advice on use and age guidelines of different apps, games and websites, as well as support and information on how to support your children in keeping safe online:


Vodafone Digital pledge

The Digital Family Pledge is a free online safety tool created for families by Vodafone. It aims to helps us think about setting good digital habits at home.


The Pledge covers four important topics: screen time, online bullying, social media, and gaming – and using a series of quiz like questions prompts families to discuss and agree some rules on how to use tech and act online. The information is tailored for children 5-13 years.


Please click on the link below and discuss with your family at home. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete together and is best accessed on a tablet or mobile device.



Vodafone digital parenting magazine

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