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Ms Emily Lewis


Mrs Beach

Teaching Assistant / Qualified HLTA

Mrs Davies

Teaching Assistant (Intervention) / Lunchtime Supervisor

We are keen to promote Home Reading. The following links will take you to some excellent websites...
This term is a bit unusual with your learning taking place at home.  Each week we will upload work for you to complete and there will be links to videos on our youtube channel to support with some of this.
If you need any clarification or help please email Ms Lewis and she will be able to point you in the right direction.  She also loves to see all your learning so email things you have been up to at home and they can be shared on this page :-)
Our learning this term will be focused around the historical figure Grace Darling and leading into learning about lighthouses and the RNLI.
Each week in maths we will focus on one of the four calculations and practise written methods of working out and applying them to real life word problems.
Week beginning 13th July

DT Week

As this our last full week of school we are going creative! 

Experiment with different materials and ingredients to make your own creations.

Some examples of things you could make are:


  •          Pizza wrap
  •          Cookies
  •          Fruit smoothies
  •          Bread
  •          Cup cakes
  •          Biscuits


  •          Kites
  •          Rainmakers / musical instruments
  •          Weaving
  •          Sun catcher
  •          Dreamcatcher
  •          Windmill / pinwheel

You will have lots of your own ideas for other making projects – we would love to see what you have made.  Share your pictures and instructions with your teacher and we can all have a go at making them too.


Week beginning 6th July

Continue to work on your project about the RNLI.

This week you can add to it by finding out about lifeguards and how we can keep safe on our beaches. 

Can you create a beach safety leaflet or poster that would be useful to share with the visitors to St Ives this summer?

Maths: word problems. 

Using the skills that you have learned over the last 4 weeks, solve the real life word problems.  Download them from the links below. Decide what calculation you will need to use to solve the problem. Write your number sentence and use the correct number line method to work out the answer.

Please remember to email your teacher any learning you have done.

Week beginning 29th June 2020