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Godrevy - Miss Cox

Welcome to Godrevy Class!
Miss Cox

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Dunn

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stevens

Teaching Assistant

Our topic question throughout Spring 1 is: How do we know about bones?
This topic allows us to look at the historical figure Mary Anning. Anning discovered many fossils in her time, many of such allowed us to learn more about the types of animals that roamed the Earth millions of years ago! We will be learning all about what Mary Anning did and how and why this is important for science today. We will be going on a trip to the Maritime Museum in Falmouth to have a look at their exhibits and the bones and fossils they have on display. 
In science, we will be looking at humans and discovering what it is we need to survive and grow. We will be looking at our life cycle and what happens to our bodies as we get older. We will also look at the bones in our bodies and how we can look after them!
We also have lots of excitement in other areas of our curriculum throughout the Spring term. We will be working hard on our handwriting to ensure we have beautiful joins between letters. 
In our Art and DT sessions, Year 2 will be looking at making moving images related to our Mary Anning topic using sliders and levers. 
We will be continuing to learn all about our own brains and how we can use them to control our emotions and make good choices! 
As always, lots of fun will be had in our music and PE sessions.
We're looking forward to all our learning this term!
Throughout Autumn term, Year 2 were learning all about The Great Fire of London. We learned about how it started, how and why it spread so quickly, how they began to put the fire out and what the aftermath was of such devastation! We loved learning about this and created our own recounts using all the information we had learned. In Art, we worked hard to create our own Great Fire pictures showing how big the flames were! 
We also had the opportunity to visit the fire station to discuss how fighting fires is different today to back in 1666!
We enjoyed learning how to write a set of instructions and wrote some instructions on how to build a den. To test how well we had written them, we went down to the woods to make mini dens for some creatures to live in!
We learned all about materials in science. We found out the different properties of materials and made sure we knew which ones were the most fire-proof! We had also previously learned and written the story of The Three Little Pigs. We decided to put our new material knowledge to the test to re-write our stories but with new materials! We changed the pigs houses to all sorts of things from leaves to metal (making sure we knew which was the strongest and safest house for the pigs to live happily ever after in!). 
Godrevy class settled into Year 2 life well and are looking forward to more learning in Spring!