Gwithian - Mr Hansen

Mr Jack Hansen


Mrs Simpson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Goodman

Lunchtime Supervisor

How do we know about bones? 
This term we have been learning about human bodies, how they grow and develop and what they need to thrive. Pupils in Gwithian experimented by putting eggs in different liquids to see what would happen to their shells (to simulate teeth). Shocked faces all round for the black slimy egg that was left in the cola!
We have also been learning about Mary Anning, one of the first Paleontologists from Lyme Regis. Pupils have loved learning about fossils and how we know about the past and they will definitely be scouring the beach this half term, searching for their own dinosaur bones. 
Sparks fly for the end of  Autumn term!
Gwithian had a great end to the term learning about the Great Fire of London. Pupils carefully constructed replica Tudor houses, including details such as white for the wattle and daub, black timber frames and jetties. 
For the last week of term we had a visit from the local Fire Brigade who helped Year 2 create a live reconstruction of the Great Fire of London as we set alight all of their Tudor houses. Pupils also learnt about fire safety and had a tour of the fire truck. What a memorable day for all!
Autumn Term 2021
During the Christmas term we are going to be finding out how events in the past can impact on our lives today.  We will be finding out about the Great Fire of London, exploring how we know what happened and making our own London street.  
We will be finding out how the events of the Great Fire was the start of our current fire service.  We will also be learning about Christmas and how the traditions and beliefs of the past have influenced our own celebrations today.