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We began the new term reading the Oliver Jeffers book-'Here We Are'and we started to look at our town, county and country using maps and Google Earth as a resource to help us. We then went on to read 'Pumpkin Soup'and we did lots of different activities around this shared text-sequencing the story, writing speech bubbles to accompany the story characters; we acted out the story in groups and even made pumpkin soup. We followed instructions for making jam sandwiches and wrote some for making the soup so we have been very busy! We found out about a local artist-Brian Pearce and had a go at recreating one of his pictures using chalks, oil pastels and coloured pencils.
Our Science topic was Ourselves;we found out about different parts of the body and did some great experiments exploring our senses, the tasting was the best!
In Maths we have been consolidating numbers to 10; finding one more/less, comparing groups of objects using the inequality signs and adding two single digit numbers together, recording our answers as number calculations and using the part, part, whole model.
To celebrate Black History month, we read the story of 'Amazing Grace' and thought about what we wanted to be when we grew up; we learnt about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and talked about what sort of a world we would like to live in.
I have been so proud of my Herons and how they have settled into Year 1. They have quickly become familiar with the new routines and expectations of a new year group and are working hard in all areas.
The next half term will be even busier with Christmas preparations, whatever form they might take and I am confident my children will give it their all!
Autumn Term 2
We began the new term by looking at the book 'Room on the Broom,' a book that many of the children were already familiar with, so almost straight away they began to join in with reading the text with me.The children each drew a story map which retold the story using pictures which they then used to retell the story aloud to a partner, I even had some brave volunteers who retold the story to the rest of the class! We then continued to develop our sentence construction and writing to accompany pictures of the beginning, middle and end of the story remembering capital letters, full stops and finger spaces as well as trying to position our letters correctly on the lines.
A visit by the witch from the story was a huge surprise-we asked her lots of questions before she had to fly off and escape from the dragon again. We wrote character descriptions, using 'wow words' about the witch. We thought about what ingredients we would add to a potion and then we each wrote a spell but instead of a truly magnificent broom, we ended up creating our own dragons! We designed new broomsticks and different vehicles for the witch using construction kits.
The Deep Dark Wood was the next text we looked at and compared it with the story of Little Red Riding Hood.We again practised our sentence writing to accompany pictures from the text and wrote about the wolf using words we'd thought of in our wordbanks. Our Music for this half term was using the instruments to illustrate the story of Little Red Riding Hood after listening to the music from Peter and the Wolf.
In Maths, the children have been learning number bonds to 10, using different resources to help them including a song! We have continued to use the part,whole method to find the missing number bonds.The children have been adding and subtracting numbers and recording their calculations whilst remembering the answer isn't always at the end but can sometimes show up at the beginning. We have also been working on solving addition and subtraction word problems using the number line to help us.
Our topic work has been centred around the seasons, seasonal changes and weather patterns.The children have made some incredible leaf pots out of clay and have used the touchscreen to create firework pictures and patterns for our calendars. Our poppy paintings to mark Remembrance Day were fabulous!
This is just a small selection of all the different things we have done this term and once again, I am super impressed with the children's attitude and determination to get stuck in and give things a go. There have been changes to our daily routines and ways of working and we have had new children join our class but my Herons have taken it all in their stride-I know how brilliant they all are but I feel even more proud when other adults come into the classroom, that don't usually work with my children and comment on their excellent behaviour and attitude.
       Have a lovely Christmas and be ready to work even harder in the new year!
Please could all clothing, especially jumpers/cardigans be named.
Water bottles and bookbags will need to be brought in daily.
Could you ensure that your child has plimsolls/trainers in school, preferably left in school at all times please-a named pe bag or backpack can be left on the children's pegs in the cloakroom.
PE will be on a Wednesday and hopefully on a Friday.
Many thanks.
Spring Term 1
What a very different half term this has been! Not only have children been at school learning but also home learning has had to happen too-having to send paper packs of work home for the children to do as well as ensuring resources are available online for children and parents to access has been a steep learning curve for me and as for the videos...!!!!
Saying all this however, once again we have had some great learning both at home and at school-I can only say a huge well done to all of my children and their parents who have all done an amazing job in these very difficult circumstances.
Our topic for this half term was What's Under Our Feet, with a focus being on Cornish Tin Mining. We examined the many different layers underground which led to us doing a mini topic about Romans, exploring caves and eventually ending up in the mines. We story mapped 'A Monster Surprise' and produced some great character descriptions about the monster from the story. Finding out about the history of tin mining, especially looking at old photos, has also produced some super factual writing about what we have learned. The Cornish Knockers really captured our imaginations; we designed and drew our own ideas, labelling our pictures and thought about the type of homes the Knockers would live in.
In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of addition and subtraction and we have started to use the number line to help us. We have also begun to look at partitioning numbers into tens and ones, comparing and ordering numbers.
In Science we have investigated Materials, their properties and their uses and we have had great fun carrying out different experiments to do with this topic from freezing different materials, growing our own stalactites to testing the best material to keep teddy dry.
We have been very creative within this topic- painting, junk modelling, cooking, building with construction and making our very own caves which we even decorated with some cave drawings.
We could link our learning about our wonderful world, our thoughts on how it was made and what Christians believe, to a special day when we thought about the importance of Children's Mental Health in school, when we made gratitiude boxes and thought about the things we are thankful for in the world. We listened to 'Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong and used the pictures that accompanied the song to help us. Being responsible for our world and ways in which we can look after it followed on from our initial discussions.
This is only a brief outline of all the many things we have covered this term. My thanks again for all the hard work and effort that everyone has put into our learning. Here's to the next half term when hopefully we will all be back together again in the classroom.
Spring Term 2
What another unusual half term it has been! I started off with 6 children at the start of the new term and ended up with 26 but how lovely it has been to have them all back again and how they've grown-we don't fit as easily onto the carpet anymore and as for teeth popping out...well, the tooth fairy has been extremely busy!
We began this term's topic with the story of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, finding out about the differences between living in a town and living in the countryside. We sequenced the story and drew story maps; we made puppets of the main characters so that we could retell the story in our own words and compared the characters as in the clothes they wore, food they ate, dangers to them living where they did. The children discussed and wrote about the pros and cons of living in our town of St Ives, the problem of seagulls came up quite a bit! For World Book Day, we designed and made settings to go with our class text and also used the instruments to create a musical window into both the town and the countryside.
Welcoming the rest of the class back was a day we were all looking forward to and we spent time that week getting to know each other again, reforming friendships and re-establishing the rules of the classroom and the playground.
Comic Relief was a super opportunity to explore real life heroes and why they are to us-the children looked amazing in their costumes and I think appreciated my selection of red noses that I modelled during the day, even if they made my nose run which one of my children took great delight in telling Mrs Farrar all about! Talking about charities and why we raise money linked very well to our RE theme of caring for others and our world, thinking about why it matters.
We then continued our theme of Journeys by looking at the book 'Journey.' The book doesn't have any text so it was up to the children to use their imaginations and explore what happened to the main character using descriptive language-they did a fantastic job writing sentences and made use of the time words-first, next, then, finally to sequence not only this book but also well known traditional stories.
The children drew their journeys to school and labelled their drawings. We looked at the countries that make up the UK, their capital cities, national flags and emblems and we will be revisiting this in the summer term also. 'Watch out Nebit' was our guided reading book which really captured everyone's attention and we found out quite a lot about ancient Egypt and its customs using videos, websites and books-the word 'opulent' was transferred from that reading book and into our writing many times which was great to see and hear the children making links and using the words in different contexts.
In Maths we consolidated and extended our understanding of place value and addition and subtraction; we then applied our knowledge to solving word problems using the number line to help us.
The term has been a busy one but it has gone so quickly... here we are about to enter our last term together when we need to start thinking about becoming Year 2 children. I know my children are up for the challenge of another hard working term and I look forward to welcoming them back very soon. Have a lovely Easter holiday and let's keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine!