Mrs Hicks


Miss Angove

Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant. Supply HLTA

Eva's Mum brought Sonic the hedgehog in to visit us! Sonic is an African Pygmy hedgehog and is one year old. He was a little bit shy at first when we were asking questions about him, but soon came out to meet us!
Autumn Term 2018
'All About Me' was our topic for the first half term. We created special bags full of our favourite things to share with the rest of the class and drew outlines of our bodies which we filled with pictures and facts about ourselves.
We have also been embracing autumn and enjoyed collecting leaves, pine cones and other treasures from the school grounds; we even designed and built our own leaf collectors!
For literacy, we made 'leaf people' and wrote adventure stories about them.
In maths, we are beginning to recognise number names, learning number bonds to 10, subtracting and adding 1 more / 1 less and counting forwards and backwards.
Our science lessons are based on 'senses' and we have been exploring a different one each week.