Lamorna - Mrs Thomas

Mrs Heather Thomas


Mrs Dunn

Learning support / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Stevens

Learning support

In the Autumn term, we learnt about the different types of weather that we experience. We created our own weather gauges to measure rainfall and learnt how a wind sock works and how this can help us to find the direction of the wind.. We had a visit from a hang glider pilot and learnt about how the wind enables the hang glider to fly. We created our own weather machines.

We also learnt about Remembrance Day and created autumn collages.

Spring term
This term we will be learning about mining, the life of a miner and how miners can see underground.  In English we will be reading the book The Man Engine Remembers by Will Coleman.  Please see our knowledge organiser to find out what we will be learning. 

Kober! Arghans! Sten! Sten! Sten!

Yn pub karrek? Yn pub men!

Kober! Arghans! Sten! Sten! Sten!

An gwella sten? Yn Kernow!