Bertie Lees Tells Us All About Bees!

14th May 2019

As Year One's topic for this half term is 'A Bugs Life' and Year Two are studying 'Endangered Species', the children enjoyed learning all about bees from fellow student Bertie Lees and his Mum Millie who many will know from nursery where she is Miss Leonard-Williams' Teaching Assistant.
Suitably attired in their protective beekeeping suits, they brought one of their five bee hives into school and gave a really informative talk about their hobby. The children were able to ask questions, handle the frames, a smoker, beeswax and a candle....they even got to try some yummy honey!
The talk allowed time for the children to ask lots of questions about the life cycle of bees and to discuss the importance of protecting the species long into the future as our climate changes and their habitats become increasingly endangered.