Puffins have had a busy first half term, settling into the class routines and making lots of new friends. We have enjoyed exploring the classroom and outside areas and taking part in all the new learning.
The children have really enjoyed retelling traditional stories using figures and story maps. We have created a wonderful new home role play which we are busy making items for. We have also shared our holiday diaries and created amazing portraits of ourselves.
After reading the Leaf Man Book by Lois Ehlert, we went for a wonderful autumn walk in the school grounds and collected lots of autumn treasures to examine. We then created our own Leaf Man pictures to display.
We have an open classroom at the end of each school day for Puffin parents/carers. Please feel free to come in and chat to us, change books with your child or have a look around - we are never too busy!

Mrs Thomas

Teacher (Thursday/Friday)

Miss Saunders

Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)

Mrs Barnett

Teaching Assistant / QTS Supply Cover

Mrs Simpson

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

We are a reception class and have recently started full-time school! We are taught by Mrs Thomas from Monday-Wednesday and by Miss Saunders on Thursday and Friday. Mrs Barnett is our Teaching Assistant and Mrs Simpson looks after us at lunchtime.
We will continue to update our page as the year unfolds; there will also be lots of photos added and we hope you can visit us often and watch our progress!