Reading Information

There is a huge focus on reading in schools at the moment. The main focus of the latest Ofsted Inspection framework focuses on the importance of reading in a school, the promotion of reading for pleasure and the associated phonic skills. Reading is seen as the gateway to all areas of the curriculum which is why it is proving to be very topical at present. To ensure we are fully meeting the needs of our children we are currently auditing our teaching of reading, our resources and our phonics delivery.

You will have seen the following image on the last couple of newsletters. This really emphasises the impact of reading regularly and why it is so important our children are reading in and out of school. 


We are currently focusing on...
  • Auditing our home readers and reading for pleasure books
  • Reviewing how we teach reading
  • Updating our training on teaching reading for all staff
  • Recruiting ‘reading friends’ to listen to individual children and support access to the library at lunchtime
  • Developing reading cafes/workshop opportunities for parents across school
  • Developing our classroom reading areas

There are many useful websites to give usual suggestions of suitable books for each year group and linked to specific book topics.