Many of us have expressed an interest in electricity by choosing to build circuits during Own Learning Time so the Sandpipers have decided to explore the topic of electricity in a little more depth.
We have also been spending time focusing on magnets and forces...we enjoyed lots of fun experiments!
In literacy, we have been focusing on our handwriting and poetry. We have written winter poems  and have concentrated on developing our comprehension skills through one of the most important skills we will ever learn - reading.
In Maths, our focus is on number and place value, learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and fractions of shapes into halves and quarters. We are also continuing to work on our Maths Passports (see link opposite).
In RE, we have been thinking about times that are special to us and discussing similarities and differences between families and cultures. We will also use role play to compare the different wedding traditions observed by Christians and Hindus.

Mrs Sharma-Benjamin

Teacher / Deputy Head

Mrs Phillips

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Evans

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

We have merged our Open Classroom and Learning Together times.
The session will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 2.45 starting with a 20 minute focus on maths skills followed by the opportunity for parents/carers to browse through their children's workbooks.
Whilst this is not an appropriate time to discuss progress with the teacher, separate appointments can be made should you have any concerns or questions.
We are keen to promote home reading and have attached a couple of links we hope you will find useful...