Sandpipers - Mrs Thomas

Mrs Beach

Teaching Assistant/Qualified HLTA

Mrs Goodman

Lunchtime Supervisor

All the children have really enjoyed learning about the palaeontologist Mary Anning and her incredible discoveries which have helped us understand more about science today. They wrote wonderful newspaper articles imagining that they were interviewing Mary Anning. The children also created moving mechanism pictures of Mary Anning's fossil finds in Lyme Regis.  
In Maths we have been learning about equal groups, multiplication and division. We also learnt about gathering data, creating tally charts and pictograms.  
In science we found out about humans, our skeletons and carried out a very interesting experiment using eggs.  It has been a busy half term and we are looking forward to our next learning which will be all about animals!
During the first half of the term we have been learning about materials and thinking about what makes the best shelter.  This will tied in with our English writing where we learned the story of the Three Little Pigs and changed it to make one of our own.
Through the term we will be continuing to read daily in whole class guided reading sessions where we will focus on applying our phonics learning to reading in our books.
In maths we are learning about the place value of numbers and beginning to relate that to addition and subtraction as well as finding more about money and using arrays to calculate multiplication and division.  We are also working on developing our ability to use reasoning and solving problems.
We have really delved deeply into our theme answering the question: "Why do we have a fire brigade?" We have been historians finding out about the events and consequences of the Great Fire of London.  See our books sharing all the information we found out.