Welcome To Our St Ives Infant School!



Our Science Day

On Wednesday the 23rd June we were visited by Ruth who is a real scientist from Sciencedipity. Each class went to visit Ruth in our art room and library which had been transformed into a science laboratory!  We had told Ruth what we were learning about in our curriculum and each year group had science activities to carry out which tied in with our learning.

Reception and Nursery

Underwater creatures

The children learnt about colour changing sea creatures, such as octopus, cuttle fish and squid.  The mimic octopus can change colour and mimic shapes.  Seahorses can change their skin colour to camouflage themselves and frighten predators and also to let other fish know how they are feeling. Flounders can change colour and patterns to suit their surroundings.

The children then made some colour changing fish potions and explosions.

Year 1 are reading and writing about The Snail and  the Whale. They learnt about how slime can protect creatures.

Slimy protection

Opossum - if an opossum is threatened by a bigger animal, the opossum pretends to be dead. It falls to the ground, foams at the mouth and makes a horrible, smelly green liquid from its bottom.

Hagfish - if a bigger animal tries to eat a hagfish, the hagfish makes lots of slime choking the bigger animal and the hagfish escapes. 

Slugs -  slime stops the slug drying out. It also makes the slug less tasty to predators.

Parrotfish - Before they go to sleep, parrotfish burp out a layer of slimy mucus to cover themselves in a slimy sleeping bag.

The children made their own slimy potions and then got to take them home!

 Year 2 are learning about hot and cold areas of the world and how animals adapt to their environment. They created their own robots working in teams which they then adapted to the environment in which they wanted them to live.

Please see our wonderful photos. 

We had an amazing day and can’t wait until we can do this again.