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Pen Portraits of St Ives Infant School Govenors
Mrs Tricia Friskney-Adams

Chair of Governors/Community Governor

I am a relative newcomer to the town. I wanted to live on the coast and my husband wanted to be involved in visual arts activities, so we moved here eight years ago and our ‘children’ followed shortly afterwards. It’s lovely having them in Cornwall.

I like the community feel St Ives has to offer and have always felt welcomed. Now that I am retired, I have time to pay something back to the community in which I live. I am involved in the library and library activities. I’m not sure I’ve grown out of being fascinated by libraries; there is so much to read and it’s all for free. During the first lockdown I started to support a group of elderly individuals, shopping for them etc and continue to do so. I swim a mile a day (not in the sea) and love being outdoors - if you spot me out and about, I am usually with my dog, a standard parti poodle who I’m still trying to train.

I almost left school before taking exams as one could in ‘those days’ and applied to work in the local factory, perhaps aspiring to transfer to the offices one day. Teachers persuaded my parents to allow me to remain in school and sit exams. This resulted in my attending Durham University; my first degree was in Drama and Special Educational Needs, followed several years later by a Higher Diploma and a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs; I also gained NPQH status. I do believe that teachers can make a difference. I have just finished reading The Midnight Library – a book about reliving a life but making and experiencing the consequence of different choices. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if that conversation hadn’t taken place and I’d gone to work in that factory.

I’ve worked in Education all my life in a variety of roles, including a Drama In Education Team running workshops across all age ranges and educational settings (including Wakefield Top Security Prison), moving to focus on secondary Education as Head of Drama, Special Educational Needs Co Ordinator, Head of a Pupil Referral Unit, Assistant Head (Pupil Support) and finishing my career as Senior Deputy Headteacher in a secondary Academy.

Why do I want to be Governor at St Ives Infant School?

Many years ago, I was a Parent Governor at my children’s infant school, and I learned a lot from other governors at that time.
I still think I have something to offer in the world of education (hope that doesn’t sound too conceited), but realise I have much to learn about St Ives Infant School and Infant Education!
I wanted to avoid the secondary sector as I might fall into the trap of becoming the Senior Leader rather than taking on a strategic role.
I want to support the community in which I live – and what better way than supporting and investing in the education of our future community?

Mr Tom Haycock

Vice Chair of Governors/Parent Governor

In 2020, my family and I made a huge decision to leave all of our family and friends behind and move to Cornwall to find a better quality of life. The move to St Ives was made possible by securing a job at the secondary school in St Ives. I am now the Head of the Science faculty in the school and very eager to further promote science to our young adults in our community and create enthusiastic scientists. I have had extensive experience in the education setting and been teaching for over a decade. Previous roles of mine have included a learning support assistant, science teacher, Science College Manager and Head of Sixth Form.

When not working, my family and I are always taking advantage of the brilliant outdoor opportunities in the local area, from running around on the beach, climbing the rocks, cycling bikes on the promenade or walking our dog, we really love the outdoors. I also (attempt) to play rugby for St Ives RFC and have been able to give some of my time to coaching some of the older youth groups at the club.

Whilst at home, I really enjoy spending time with my kids and both my children (5 and 3 years old) love their reading. I am constantly surprised by their enthusiasm with books and although they could list over 30 books as their ‘favourites’ my personal favourites come from the ‘Oi Frog!’ series. As someone who struggled with reading as a child due to dyslexia, I really appreciate the time I am able to give my children to support their progress in reading.

Since moving to St Ives, I have noticed a particularly strong sense of community here and we can’t believe how lucky we have been to find such a welcoming and supporting environment. Being a parent governor at St Ives Infant school gives me the opportunity to support this wonderful community and the school which is at the centre of it.

Why do I want to be Governor at St Ives Infant School?

Be able to transfer my skills and expertise from my profession to support the school which is at the heart of the local community.

Provide support to staff and families linked with the skill as we, as a nation, recover from the impacts of the Covid Virus.

To gain a deeper understanding of my children's education and how I could support their learning further.

Mr Simon Stevens

Parent Governor

I have a huge affiliation to the town of St Ives. I grew up in the heart of the town and attended all of the St Ives Schools before going on to Penwith College and Winchester University where I studied Sports Science. I am hugely passionate for young people of St Ives to have every opportunity to be successful and am lucky enough to work at St Ives Secondary School as the Head of Lower School where I hope I have an impact on helping young people be the best that they can be.

I love being involved in everything sporty and list football, golf, rugby and running as personal favourites. I have been involved with many sports teams within the community and am a member at West Cornwall Golf Club in Lelant.

Since my return to the area following my stint at university I have had many roles throughout my time at St Ives Secondary School including being a Learning Support Assistant, Activities Co-Ordinator, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Head of Year, Head of Lower School, Head of Admissions and Head of Transition. If I hadn’t gone into education I like to think I would have become a policeman or firefighter.

When I do have some spare time I really enjoy reading either with my daughter or on my own, I am not sure there is anything more relaxing. My daughter and I enjoy to read Roald Dahl books which I love because they were my favourite as a child. Our personal favourites are The Twits, Fantastic Mr Fox and George’s Marvellous Medicine. I think my daughter’s all-time favourite is Matilda because she loves the movie and musical productions as well as the book. In my own time I prefer to read nonfiction or nonfiction narratives including autobiographies. It won’t surprise you from reading the above information that I enjoy reading sports stars autobiographies the most.

I am most proud of my family and adore being a father to my 6 year old child who attends St Ives Infant School with the dream for her to attend the same schools as both myself and my wife attended with her community throughout her education.

Why do I want to be Governor at St Ives Infant School?

After enjoying my time as a teacher governor at St Ives Secondary School, I wanted to try and continue to support using my experiences.
As previously mentioned the area of St Ives means a great deal to me and I want to assist young people in the community be as successful as they can be.
I have many friends and family that have children who attend the school and I want to support the community and therefore their children.

Mrs Janet O'Shea

Community Governor

St.Ives is my home town; I grew up, lived, worked and now I’ve retired here. It is a special place with a heritage that I treasure. In 2012 I was humbled and honoured to receive an award as ‘Citizen of the Year’, the year I retired. I am committed to a local church and manage a Christian bookshop. Since retirement I have become very involved in a charity working in Sierra Leone. During the pandemic I worked with St.Ives Community Foodshare distributing much needed supplies to people’s homes.

My teaching career began at St.Ives Infant School on 1st March 1975. It was the start of a journey that encountered many changes; the National Curriculum, computers, SATS, phonics, Breakthrough to Literacy to name just a few. I loved teaching, especially music and art. It was always a thrill to watch children ‘grow’ in so many ways from Nursery to Year2.

I became a governor at St.Ives Infants in 2020. It has been a difficult few years because of Covid but hopefully life will settle down and I will be able to visit more. Education has been and is ‘a challenge ‘ I have the greatest respect for all of the staff at St.Ives Infant School.

Mrs Debbie Harris

Community Governor

Mrs Amy Capon

Staff governor

Originally born in the Edinburgh I have been living in England for the past 17 years, most of those spent living in Bath. After holidaying in Cornwall for many years my husband and I decided to make the move to St Ives in 2020 as our son was transitioning from junior school to secondary school that year. It really has felt like one of the best decisions we have ever made.

After graduating from university, I spent some time traveling the world which was an amazing experience and extremely educational. I come from a family of educators so working with children felt an obvious path for me. I have currently been working in schools for over a decade. I started out as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant having gained my qualification and my son and I both started in reception on the same day. I have since worked as a classroom TA, a cover supervisor and a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, the role which I currently hold at St Ives Infants.

When I’m not working my family and I enjoy spending time in the water. Bodyboarding, swimming and snorkelling. I definitely leave the surfing to my son. I’m an avid reader and it’s something I try and promote to children in school.

Why do I want to be a Governor at St Ives Infants School?

To help support the children of the St Ives Community with their educational journey.
To use my professional skills and passion for education to help make a difference.