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Safeguarding children - Information for Parents

At St Ives Infant and Nursery School, we believe it is of the highest importance to ensure all pupils, families and staff have their welfare protected throughout all the activities which the school undertakes. This means that staff and volunteers must be alert to possible concerns about every pupil, and to report these following school procedure. We have a Safeguarding and child protection policy: parents may request a copy of this and it is available via the link below.

It is important for parents and carers to be aware that:

Staff and volunteers in the school have a duty to report concerns about a child. This could be the child is in need of additional support or help of some kind or that a child may have been abused or be at risk of abuse. There are four categories of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, neglect.

In some cases the school must refer children to children's social care staff, for children to be assessed for their needs or if an investigation into possible child abuse is required. In many cases there will already have been discussions between school staff and the parents of the child, and the situation and concerns will not be a surprise to the parents. However, parents may not be told that the school has referred their child to children's social care if it is thought that this might put the child at risk.

If you have immediate concerns or are worried about a child or young person's safety please telephone the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116.  

For parents' enquiries please contact: 


Mr Richard Wigham

Head teacher/Designated safeguarding lead

Ms Emily Lewis

Assistant Head teacher/Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead

Mrs Ange Ashton

Family Liaison Officer/Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead