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School Uniform

School uniform is worn when children start school full-time. Sweatshirts, cardigans and yellow polo shirts, with our colourful logo on the chest, are available to order online direct from Trophy Textiles in Pool, near Camborne. There is an option to pay for delivery or collect direct...




Sweatshirts are £10.50, cardigans £12.50 and polo shirts are £8.


All new starters are given a book bag and water bottle. Replacements are available from the school office at a cost of £5 and £2 respectively.


  Winter Uniform Summer Uniform
Girls Grey/navy/black skirt/ pinafore or trousers. Yellow, white, pale blue polo shirt. School Sweatshirt Blue and white checked dress. School sweatshirt or cardigan
Boys Grey/navy/black trousers. Yellow, white, pale blue polo shirt. School Sweatshirt Yellow, white, pale blue polo shirt. School Sweatshirt. Grey/black shorts or trousers School Sweatshirt


Children need to wear sensible shoes in which it is easy to walk and run. High heels are not appropriate and should not be worn. 

What do they wear for P.E.?
For indoor PE your child should wear shorts and a T shirt. For outdoor lessons your child will also need plimsolls. All your child’s school clothing and PE kit should be marked with his/her name.  PE bags which should also be named can be kept on the cloakroom peg.
Please ensure ALL items of clothing are named. Thank you.