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St Ives Infant School is currently rated as a 'Good' school by Ofsted. 
Our last inspection took place in February 2024. 
We are extremely proud of this report, which reflects that hard work that the school have put in to achieve this grade. 

The report recognised the positive relationship that the school has being the community and its families. Stating, "The school builds strong partnerships with parents." 

There are many positives in the report with OFSTED identifying that "St Ives Infant School is a happy place where pupils are well cared for. Pupils enjoy coming to school." 

"Pupils are polite and considerate. They behave very well. The school has high expectations for pupils." 

"The school develops pupils’ character well." 

We are also proud of the comments about our SEND support and as an Infant School or Early Years provision. OFSTED reported; 

"The school is ambitious for what pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) can achieve." 

"Children in the early years get off to a good start."

Please see a copy of our report below as well as a link to the Ofsted report website.