Welcome To Our St Ives Infant School!

School Development Plan

At St Ives Infant School we are always striving to improve our school for the children that attended - giving them the best opportunities and education that we can. Our School Development Plan (SDP) helps us to acheive this. 
This academic year we have 6 key priorities identifies to support our school to develop and grow. They are:
  • Key Priority 1: Reading: Increase reading outcomes for children by raising the quality of teaching early reading.
  • Key Priority 2: Environments: To develop a school environment that inspires and supports learning.
  • Key Priority 3: Behaviour for Learning: To enable children to work hard and feel proud of their achievements.
  • Key Priority 4 : Parents: To actively engage our parent community in their child’s education.
  • Key Priority 5: Assessment: To ensure purposeful day to day assessment drives our teaching.
  • Key Priority 6: Attendance: To ensure all children maintain excellent attendance throughout the year.
Please see below our full school development plan for this academic year 2022/23.